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  2. Issues with mware 1.1.9

    Hi Some new bugs: 1) Loses Alignment. Steps to reproduce: Create a simple form, 195 x 6 x 6 (can be done in tinkercad in less than 30 seconds) Load the form in mware The form is greyed out, because it is to large, that's ok click rotate Enter 45° in Y Axis (shouln't it be Z axis??) Press Enter Now the form is orange, looks ok Press slice or anywhere else Bug -> Now the 45° alignment is lost, form is greyed out again Fix -> After Scale, press 'arange', then it's ok 2) No connection time out message with low cpu machines: On a a machine with low cpu power, pressing 'print' does not work. It is not really a bug, but it is confusion because the user thinks on a network or operating system error at first (this happend actually to me). A 'connection timed out' message would help a lot. 3) Slice loop I still trying how to reproduce this issue. Often it is slicing 'for ever'. The slicing progress bar is repeadetly looping. A restart of mware helps in this case 4) Pre-heated bed won't reset This is a minor bug. Using remote control, pre-heat the bed to 90°C. Then print anything that requires a lower bed temperature than 90° (e.g. ABS for example). bug: Printing starts with 90°C now
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  4. had the same problem. What i do is pause the printing before it starts printing the raft. then scroll down to "change parameters" (using menu on the printer itself) and change the bed temp to 110. then just wait for bed to heat up before resuming the print.
  5. Nozzle size and parts

    Hi. Does any one have tried to change the size of the nozzle. I want to try the pakage of MK8 nozzle on amazone that include ,2mm to ,8mm. Dose the MK8 nozzle fits on E180? Does any one have tried different size of nozzle to get more detail or to go faster?
  6. Hi! When I turn on my printer it makes a beep. Now suddenly this beep is intermittent while printing. Any ideas how to turn this off? It is really annoying. Cheers!
  7. How to edit FW?

    WOW good to see that no one answer, not even Mankati staff... Mankati support rocks
  8. How to edit FW?

    What software to use to edit firmware in this printer?... Need to edit steps in all direction its not good and peces get bigger then its done in cad. Abd where can i get copy of firmware?..
  9. First few layers, bed temperature always 80 degrees C?

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  10. Good people helped me to get the firmware for my case. It helped. I am attaching files. Suddenly someone come in handy! Fullscale XT Plus V6.hex plus-newboard.hex
  11. Recently I bought a new printer Fullscale XT Plus. And in the process of learning it was pressed the button "Install the default firmware ...", in the "Printer" section of the MunkatiUM program menu. The process of searching for the firmware for the printer started. It was a program that was quickly found and downloaded, immediately automatically installed into the printer via USB cable. There were no installation errors. Written that everything is completed correctly and now the printer itself will reboot. Thereafter priter began much beeping, and the display is lit, but without any information. The program downloaded and installed the file "Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex" As far as I remember, there was a 6 version of the firmware on it. Actually the question is: where do I get the working 6 version of the firmware? And how correctly do I install it? P.S.Windows 10 x64, the latest updates. Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex
  12. Mankati E180 don't boot

    I solved my problem with mankati support. A fuse ( white piece of attached picture) is broken and don't let board boot. I have changed this part and my printer start to work again.
  13. IMG_20171214_173734.jpg

    Fuse placement of mankati E180 main board. Broken fuse cause to booting problem
  14. Hello, I am using mWare 1.1.9, and trying to print using white ABS. I have set the bed temperature to 110 degrees for every layer from -4 to +4. but the first couple of layers always print with a bed temperature of 80 degrees. Looking at the gcode file, the first instruction is M140 S80.000000, and the first layer is labelled -6. Is this intentional? Is there any way to get the first layers to print at 110 degrees for better raft adhesion? Is this actually a good idea? (I am new to ABS.)
  15. Unstable temperatures

    Hello. It sounds like a thermocouple issue but, given that you have replaced yours with a Mankati replacement; I would double check connections. I recently did have the same issue as you were describing. I ended up replacing the whole extruder assembly, I needed to replace the whole thing anyway. That solved the issue for me. I wanna post the steps I did in a new topic sometime soon. My motherboard (Mb) is not in great shape either but, it's working. I found that you can prolong the life of it Mb: you follow those steps. Preheat components separately. I preheat the bed first, than one or both of the extruders. Found an interesting article regarding the temperature fluctuation in extruder. That may give you more info. https://hackaday.com/2017/12/15/thermistors-and-3d-printing/
  16. Unstable temperatures

    Hi guys, I believe I am having the same issue. My printer nozzles will no longer meet it's heat temperatures. For example, when I set it to preheat to 210, it will reach 195 drop to 182, rise again to 195, drop and repeat the process. I have changed the thermister the thermostat and tried re flashing the firmware. No luck. Does this could like a board issue? I cannot afford the $400 replacement that mankati want me to buy. Would you be able to reccomend a solution? I have no idea where to even start with changing such a big part of the printer. Thanks, Gareth.
  17. My mankati Fullscale XT Plus has been working well for over a year now, hasn't needed and replacement parts. Recently, both nozzles have not been able to meet their mark. For a 210 degree pla print, it will reach 196 and then drop down to 182. It keeps repeating this process, reaching 196 and falling, never reaching its mark. If I manually set it to 260, it will heat to 242 and drop down to 225, rise again and keep repeating. My heat bed is fine as it will reach its mark and hang there perfectly. Support have gotten me to replace the thermostat, the thermister heat tube, no change. They got me to refresh the firmware, still no change. I'm beginning to worry as the more I do, the more things point to the board or psu. I have no idea what to look for when looking at the board. I have heard about something called DIP being the problem in similar instances, although I have no idea how to go about checking that. Anyone got any ideas? I have been trying to fix this to no avail for 2 weeks.
  18. Can't wait to see the finished result. Please post all the photos you wish. I'm eager to see your conversion. 3d printing india
  19. z wobble, please help!

    You are looking at the wrong Source of Your Problem. It's not really the Z-Axis that makes this Problem because it's repeating exactly at the same height... Check that the Z-Axix spins freely. Mankati put a very heavy Grease onto it and that let the Buildplate move badly. It looks like it's always on the same Angle of the Leadscrew. Clean it up and try again. I had the same Problem that the Buildplate does not move to it's Home (Z).
  20. my printer have Z wobble, I tried tighten the Z rod but still not solving, how can I precisely tighten it in the center?? and if you look at my top rod, it have nothing that hold, is it supposed to be like that? video showing the problem: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZOCNS2mBMBscvfZ03
  21. can you describe which small bolt on the sliding block do you refer? maybe photo? Im having the same problem : (
  22. Mankati E180 don't boot

    I have same problem for 3 days. After power on I hear click sound and two leds on printing board ( used for calibration ) are turned on. I try to solve but not yet solved. If anyone knows what the problm is please tell us.
  23. So I have an older mankati fullscale XT that I have modified quite a bit but I have met the extent of the stock firmware. I just added a new E3D nozzle with the new temp sensor and I need to change the firmware so it will work. I have a copy of the original firmware but I can't get it to compile right. I would really like to start from scratch with the newest stable version of marlin. What board and LCD are in the mankati fullscale XT? I have a green PCB in an original fullscale XT (not the plus). I'm also planning to use the titan extruder from E3D. I will post up the files once I get it together but I need some help on the front end. Justin
  24. Mankati E180 Noise Canceler

    Version 1.0.0


    This block helps eliminating annoying noise issues, reduces oscillating. Print it with Mankati ABS Black. It is a snug fit, loose the two screws below and put the block between the steel flange and X Axis stepper Motor.
  25. Mankati E180 Top Feeder

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  26. Hi Guys, I have been absent on the forum for a while. My XT has been dormant as I have been lasercutting and other fun stuff instead. I have started thinking about selling it and wondered if anyone in Australia (possibly just Melbourne) would be interested? It has a Bondtech extruder and a few other mods. Quite a bit of filament/kapton tape and some spares (steppers, nozzles etc). I have no idea what it would be worth 2nd hand but let me know if you're interested. I can take some pics too if you like. Cheers, Nick
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