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    Hi Nick, Just installed as is. I did correct the 'Esteps' value (under the CONTROL/MOTION heading) to adjust the feedrate but apart from that - nothing else. In view of some of the previous comments regarding 'blocks' there is one thing one has to be careful of with Bondtech extruders-THEY EXERT A POWERFUL PUSH and they DO NOT 'GRIND'. This can mean that if there is any restriction at the nozzle end - say, if there is an actual obstruction or the nozzle is too close to the bed or if the feed rate is too high THE EXTRUDER WILL JUST KEEP PUSHING AWAY - COMPRESSING THE FILAMENT in the feed tube so that filament flow will gradually die. This would probably be accompanied by some clicking at the extruder thereby providing a warning that something is wrong. As an example of the strength of the thrust exerted I had a situation on an overnight print where a mal feed did occur and on checking next morning found that filament was deformed all the way up to the bowden tube connection! That is the 'bad' news, the good news is that with the setting correct everything works BEAUTIFULLY, no worrying about how much pressure to put on those pesky springs or having to keep the teeth clear of filament residue etc I am happy with my purchase cheers Seadog.