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  1. Mankati User Forum Reopened

    Hi all, Good to have you back. We made some mistakes when backing up the old forum. Still not sure if we can retrieve the old data. But anyway we plan use a new forum no matter what. I will put another notification if we can have old posts back. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies for not opening this forum for so long. A few weeks ago, our old forum was down due to the failure of our server, which at that time held all the forum data. We also feel very sorry for not being able to provide support during that period, and fail to backup those history posts, which means that they have been lost once and for all. However, now this cloud based forum is being saved by the forum service provider, to prevent data loss should anything goes wrong with our server again. Additionally, the new forum has many interesting new features. You can chat with people, upload your works and check what our event calendar. While support service will also be provided here just like before. Again, my sincere apologies on behalf of all Mankati team members for causing such inconvenience. Gabriel