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  1. Hi Guys, I have been absent on the forum for a while. My XT has been dormant as I have been lasercutting and other fun stuff instead. I have started thinking about selling it and wondered if anyone in Australia (possibly just Melbourne) would be interested? It has a Bondtech extruder and a few other mods. Quite a bit of filament/kapton tape and some spares (steppers, nozzles etc). I have no idea what it would be worth 2nd hand but let me know if you're interested. I can take some pics too if you like. Cheers, Nick
  2. Bondtech extruder

    Hi mvm, Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on the forum for a while. I bought the original model that came with the sls printed casing. I would be interested in trying the QR version but not really using the printer as much lately. I bought a laser cutter and it has been so much fun/useful that the printing is suffering. Hope you have success with the Bondtech. I doubt you will be disappointed. Cheers, Nick
  3. Bondtech extruder

    Hi mvm, I haven't had any problems with the extruder. It's so good I forget it is there. It has been faultless apart from some teething problems at the start. I think that was mainly due to dirty nozzles and inexperience. I print at speeds 35-50mm/s but that hasn't changed really from the old extruder. It is more accurate, I get better definition and no problems. It's a small price to pay to get (in my case) a $2k+ machine to behave and work like it should. The mankati extruder is woeful in comparison. They should make bondtech standard. I hope this helps. Cheers, Nick
  4. Bondtech extruder

    Hi Roger, I set the esteps to 510 as that is what is recommended. Why 491? I read about calibrating them futher to match the machine but i didnt think it would be that different a value. Cheers Nick
  5. Nylon filament keeps warping

    Hi mvm, Are you printing it as seen in the pic? Maybe flip it on its side so you are not dealing with a large flat surface? Just an idea.
  6. Nylon filament keeps warping

    Hi mvm, I haven't printed with nylon so this could be way off, but when ABS is warping and nothing is working I either print with a raft or put the object up on mouse ears so that there is a chunky amount of support material underneath to help stop warping. Nylon generally doesn't stick to much so I imagine it is pretty hard to get it to stay on the bed. Anyone else have any ideas? Cheers Nick
  7. Also checkout a thread in Tips and Tricks for temp measuring
  8. Hi SpexWulf, I haven't got anything to measure the temp for my XT but would be interested to see. Maybe check your cable to the heated bed is not shorting out. Mine melted into a unrecognisable blob and caused lots of problems. Temp was one of them. It made my machine so jittery and unpredictable. Seamongrel installed extra fans for the mainboard and powersupply. Maybe worth a shout to him for info? The filament feeders on the Mankati are rubbish. Try changing over the springs as they compress over time and cause grinding amoungst other things. I hated those springs! So twitchy. Or get rid of them and installed Bondtech extruders. I have one installed on my machine since about July 2015 and have had no grinding since. The pressure still does tend to build up if I have a dirty nozzle and every now and then the stepper does a small backwards turn to compensate. I haven't experienced any negative side effects from this though. Try contacting Seamongrel and James Armstrong. They have bootloads of experience. Hope this helps! Cheers Nick
  9. cm3

    Simplify 3D has 'calculate volume'
  10. Hey Seamongrel love it! is it 6mm thick acrylic? Cheers Nick
  11. Hi Michael, I found this pic of the prototype half assembled. Gives a slightly better idea. I'll get a shot of the setup/gap at the back tomorrow. Cheers Nick
  12. Hi Michael, When I said 'Get one. You will wonder how you lived without it.' I meant a laser cutter, not the hood, but both are good things to have. If you print with PLA there isn't much need for it as far as I can tell. I pretty much only print ABS and it makes a lot of difference having a constant temp. There are a lot of things Mankati (i haven't used a Creatbot) could do to improve their printers and I think pretty cheaply too from a China manufacturing perspective. A lot of printer designs now seem to have an enclosed build area and SeaMongrel swore by his so that was good enough for me. The area at the back is open slightly and I was thinking of closing it off with some neoprene or something flexi to aid in taking the hood on and off. It is a pretty small gap though and i'm not sure how much heat you would lose. I try and keep the room at a constant temp too to help. In a perfect world I would have a reverse cycle set up and keep it at 25c all year round. I'll take some pics tomorrow if I can. Cheers, Nick
  13. Hi James, Get one. You will wonder how you lived without it. Pic attached of dwg Cheers Nick
  14. Hi James, I have an old Universal V460 with a bed size of 600 x 450 ish. I had to make the hood out of 5 pieces so it fitted on the bed. Otherwise it could be 4 pieces. I should have engraved some lines for the edge bends. I got a bit impatient nearing the end and ended up doing the bend on the fly instead of using a jig. The corners are a bit wonky as a result but I really want to do one in clear, so it was a good test. The MDF one bends using the parametric kerf patterns I found on the instructables site and if I tightened up the tolerances would go together without any glue. I can post the illustrator drawing for laser cutting if anyone is interested. I also have it as a Rhino file. Cheers Nick