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  1. Greetings again, mvm, yes I agree. I have found a few as well that have off centered holes. Some have had very small burs on the tip, enough to chinge the nozzle to bed plate gap by 0.15mm. Now I inspect each nozzle, measuring it, checking the hole shaft size, full length of the nozzle and from the back side of the nozzle that actually makes contact with the heating block to the nozzle tip. If you want to dual print and you have a older Full-scale XT, doing this can help ensure the build plate to nozzle gap is set evenly for both nozzles. Getting a set of cmc drill bits is a must. Cheers, SGS
  2. Accuracy of temperature readings

    Greetings, I have used an infra red, dual guiding laser gun (sounds like a kids toy ray gun here) to check my temps on both my XT's. I used it out of the box and got some wild reading, up and down, all over the place. But only at high temps, checking the heating plate set for 45c was spot on. I tried setting the emissivity for oxidized brass. The readings got closer to what the read out on the XT was showing. What I did do in the end was to paint the nozzle head black with auto engine paint, good for some 1800 F. It worked pretty good. When I measured the nozzle on my XT-1 it was all most spot on when set for PLA 215c, reading average was 214-216, thats not to bad. When I raised the team to 250c, I got a average reading around 252, XT-2 was a 2 degree off as well. The print bed or heated glass measure right on the money, without any adjustments to the emissivity, it was set for 45c and read 44.5c so thats good enough for me. When raised to 80c it read right at 80.5. I no way do I consider any of this scientific, but then why would I. After all I am using a 3D printer that is really solid and rates well when compared to other 3D printers in it's class. I just wished when I purchased my first XT FS over a year ago, that a complete parts list would have accompanied it. One that would tell me more about the parts and how they related and are used. Something, anything would be nice... would help more when ordering parts too. Just a thought here! Anyways, back to measuring the XT FS or XT Plus. All things considered, as always your readings may vary. I think if you are within a few degrees your hit the target. Consistent temps are more important really. As always, I hope this helps a little. Cheers, SGS
  3. Greetings, I have used my 0.40mm stock nozzle for over 1600 hours and have no problems at all. I have placed an order to purchase drill bits that can be used to measure the shaft, seeing if it really is still a 0.4mm after all. I also notice and since have measured all my nozzle from the tip of the nozzle to the bottom surface where it tightens down to the heating block. (Old style XT nozzle here). I had a few new one that were a little short or a little long by 0.2mm. Will post my finding once the drill bits arrive. Hope this helps a little. Ay XT plus owners able to share about the Plus nozzles, are they true E3D v6 nozzle? Any problems with quality? Cheers, SGS
  4. Mankati User Forum Reopened

    Greetings all, Glad to see the forums back. Hope all have been well. Soooo, what shall we talk about now. Full-scale XT or XT Plus? DIY upgrade or not to upgrade... Questions questions, so much to talk about. Oh hey what about the live chatroom? I will try to spend time there too. Cheers, SGS
  5. Greetings All, I have a question, not sure if this thread or maybe a new one will do but here goes. The new Mankati hot ends, are they just a modified E3D v6 or another proprietary nozzle like the Fullscale XT has. If not which is better the Mankati nozzle or the E3D v6 hot ends.. I was thinking I would upgrade my two XT fs to the XT plus but noticed the nozzle are very different than the E3D v6 nozzle on the market. I need stainless steel nozzle. Anyone clear up this? Cheers, SGS
  6. Simplify 3D

    Greetings, Simplify3D has turned out to be my cats meow! I have other slicers but none fit my needs as well as this one. Cheers, SGS
  7. Greetings All, I want one too. I often think of a design that can be passed around that would allow us to just print the panels or parts from an .stl file and snap it all together to make a well fitting cover. Nice!! Cheers, SGS