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  1. For when I really do not have time for the printbed to cool down normally so I can remove an item without the chance of bending it, I started using heatsinks that I had lying around to cool the bed pretty quickly and not warp the print. This has proven to work great!
  2. I bought some 6 inch wide blue tape for the print bed and found my old scissors not up to the job of cutting the new tape cleanly or evenly. Enter my new best friend, LONG SCISSORS! I really like these. Cut a piece of wide tape in one movement! LINK TO THE ONE I BOUGHT
  3. A Valentine "Card"

    The wife has always drawn stick figure imagery (hand drawn and digital) for me for special occasions, wishing me a good day, etc. She does a really good job of expressing emotion in 2D. I thought I would pay tribute to her love of the stick figure and 3D print her a 2016 Valentine 'Card'. Me giving her My Heart... I bought my printer to have fun with and I'm actually doing it !!!
  4. I need to get a couple new peek blocks and cannot find the one I need at Mankati Store. I would swear they used to list the two differnet ones, which included the one I need, but now all I see is the older style for sale. How can I order what I need? Anyone? WHAT I NEED...