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  1. No screen on lcd after flashing

    Hi, You might be flashing the wrong firmware for the mainboard of the XT. From underneath the XT, have a look to see if you have either a blue or green mainboard. The colour of the mainboard will determent which is the correct firmware to use. Mongrel.
  2. Resume after Pause

    Hi Daqueone/mvm, I too have had the same thing happen to me, and my y axis was out about 0.5-1mm. I only tried it once (XT). Mongrel.
  3. Ok, its looking like its the filament drive gear. It you ever see a post a while back on how to file the gear teeth. This made a big improvement in the feeding of the filament. One thing you could try is to take one of the filament stepper motor with the gear attached from the XT and try it in the plus. It looks like your problems are in this area. let me know how you go. Mongrel.
  4. Hi mvm, Ok, if your filament measures 2.85mm, then you are right to use that measurement for the filament size. If your top layer is not filled in, again you are right about the flow, but I would set it at 115% and do your test print. let me know how you go. Mongrel.
  5. Ok, in 'Basic' tab set the filament diameter to '3mm'. Everything else in basic is ok. In the Advanced tab, change the retraction distance from 8mm to 4mm. In 'Quality' set Initial Layer Thickness to: 0.25 Then down in 'Speed' set the following: Travel: 130mm Bottom Layer Speed: 30mm Infill Speed: 45mm Top/Bottom Speed: 45mm Outer Shell Speed: 45mm Inner Shell Speed: 45mm. Try these settings and let me know how it goes. Mongrel.
  6. Hi mvm, If you take a screen shot of your settings in MankatiUM, including 'Basic and Advanced' tabs. After I see the screen shots, we can look at the filament grinding. Mongrel.
  7. Mankati XT Plus Mods

    Hi Sankids, Is it working well for you? I would like to give it a go if you wouldn't mind uploading the STL file. Mongrel.
  8. Mankati XT Plus Mods

    Hi Sankids, What is your mod meant to do? Mongrel
  9. Hi mvm, I too have a Mankati XT with any hours of printing on it. I have just bought a Flashforge Creator Pro 2016, the latest one. The reason was that I need to print many items in ninjaflex type filament. The Creator Pro has direct drive extuders, meaning the drive gear is only about 40mm from the nozzle. To have any luck with this type of filament, this is the best option. Now that the Creator Pro is up and running, I am upgrading my XT to an XT plus. I have the new print head reading to install, but its just finding the time between prints to do the upgrade. I will say that I'm very happy with the print off the Creator Pro, after doing the mods to it. Its not as big a print volume as the Mankati , but I can't really see myself printing any rubber items as big as the Mankati print volume. It also does really nice ABS prints. Mongrel.
  10. Hi mvm, The problem is that the teflon tubing has swelled into the holes that surround the PEEK. Your best option is to put it back together because if go on with trying to pull it apart, you'll end up with a printer that's not working. I would order all the replacement parts needed before going ahead. This is what I did. Also, make sure you order the 2 white clips that the teflon tubing passes through at the top of the head on the XT (they break very easy). Mongrel.
  11. Multipe items not selectable under Windows 10

    Here is version 6.5.2 Give this a go. I'm running 6.5.3 on windows 10 and I don't have the problem you've described. Mongrel. MankatiUM_6.5.2.rar
  12. Multipe items not selectable under Windows 10

    Hi mvm, how tall is the tallest object in the group? Mongrel.
  13. Multipe items not selectable under Windows 10

    Hi mvm, You might have a objects saved as one stl file. right click on one of the objects and 'split objects apart' and see if that works for you. Mongrel.
  14. Simplify 3D

    Hi All, Has anyone worked out the gcode to make Simplify3D act the same as MankakiUM when the printer starts? What I means is, on the MankatiUM the head moves across and the bed move down at the same time, then extrudes 10mm of filament, then moves the head and bed together to the start point. In Simplify3D the head moves across,stops, then the bed moves down and then extrudes 10mm of filament. The problem is that the bed moves back up but the head doesn't move until the bed is back up. I'm trying to see if I can get the head and the bed together at the start point of printing, like in the MankatiUM software. It's like that Simply3D software doesn't understand : G1 F{travel_speed} . I think that this is the gcode that does it in MankatiUM. Mongrel.