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  1. 3D Printing M200 Sniper Rifle By Desktop Printer

    Thanks mwm, Yes, I not only printed it, but also designed the model by 3DSMAX by myself. It's printed by PLA
  2. 3D printed plane!!!

    This is another thing I printed with Mankati XT Plus. It's about 800 mm by width, still took several times printing to finish. The last photo was PSed. But I am not sure if 3d printing material can make a plane that really flys. I like big models, but even the XT Plus can't finish some models one off. I'm wondering if there is any bigger printer??? but don't want too expensive.
  3. Hi the only lucky thing is I had saved this in another forum before in the old mankati forum. so now it can be reposted. Here is my m200 sniper rifle, I painted it after printing.
  4. Mankati User Forum Reopened

    Hi, thanks for inviting me back, it seems this not so many people now.