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  1. 3D printed parts in Mankati E180

    Hello everyone, Mankati E180 is able to print replacement parts for itself. let me share with you how to download these STL. files and how to print them for your convenience. in mWare slicing software
  2. DIY Drying Box Instruction

    Hello,please let me introduce you a DIY filament drying box. Maybe, some of you are still bothered with the problem that nylon material is very easy to become damp. Today, I want to share an easy way to make a drying box with you.Annex is the production process of graphic introduction, you can refer to it. 1.Essential materials and instruments: air-tight storage box(7*24*20cm,volume 1L), rapid connector, 2 pairs of nuts and bolts, drying agent, filament stand, hygrometer, tube connector, pistol drill, glue gun. 2.Drill on the opposite side of the handler 3.Using nuts and bolts to fix the tube connector at the right positio 4.Screw the rapid connector tightly into the tube connector, and stick in a tube 5.Using the glue gun to seal this connecting part airtight 6.Attach the hygrometer onto the inner surface of the drying box using a dual adhesive tape 7.Done 8.Working PS. The tube connector and filament stand need to be 3D printed.
  3. The machine not run

    hi,friend,this problem has been solved,only it need to update the firmware,anyway,thank you!
  4. uninterrupted power supply

    sorry,i really don't know how to choose a good UPS power,good luck,guys!
  5. uninterrupted power supply

    Hi guys, Of course,you can use normal PC UPS,but the power type have some requirement (output DC 24V,15A).
  6. Layer issue with prints

    Hi Leeman, Please check the synchronizing gear of X motor and Y motor, it seems its locking screw becomes loosen. Also have a look on its belt,good luck!
  7. Hi,everyone,a few days ago i see a interesting technical post,show to you,here the link. http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-3D-Printing-Monitoring-using-Astroprint-a/
  8. if you have any questions,please let me know,good luck!
  9. Source Code of PLUS

    Hello (大家好), This is for anyone who would like to modify the firmware in PLUS. File: Marlin for Fullscale XT Plus.zip Best regards M- Shanghai
  10. Mankati Quality again

    Dear Mankati Fullscale XT Plus users, Mankati Tech team have found a solution to solve this problem, now you never need to worry about heating bed wires burning any more. Also we will find solutions for other wires
  11. Prints sharing

    Printer: Mankati Fullscale XT Plus Printed by; Mithila Many thanks Mithila for sharing his printing with us. For this heart gear: layer : 0.2 mmm, flow rate: 78%, printing speed: 40% Mithila explained, it caused bade surface when flow rate reached 100%.
  12. Good habits for 3D printing

    A good operation habit often does great help to achieve quality work and let us enjoy a wonderful printing time. Welcome share your experiences here.
  13. Mankati-Fullscale-XT-Plus-2015

    speed -30 , FR - 80 Printer: Mankati Fullscale XT Plus
  14. Prints sharing

    This is the prototype finished by our sampling room today. (the yellow part took around 30 hours, layer: 0.2 mm .) They were sent to a company for metal casting.
  15. Source Code of PLUS

    Hi, It is the base of XT Plus' firmware. For example, a programmer could edit it and create a new firmware with unique functions and apply it in Plus. Cheers M-Shanghai
  16. Mankati User Forum Reopened

    Happy to see the new page.
  17. Months ago, when I joined Mankati 3D Printer, one of my friends felt more exited, he never thought 3D printing was so close to our life, next day when I received 3D file from him, I knew he was ready to accept the popular trends. Here was the prototype we finally completed. The purpose is to evaluate which shape is much better for remote control and receiver box. Story went as.... Day 1. My QQ (similar to Skype) jumped out a message, my friend was transferring a document to me. It was the 3D designs. While I couldn't open it in slice software, as it was not STL or OBJ file. Day 3. Got STL file. It was a remote control like cobblestone. No more than 1 hour, the printing was finished... tiny one... so hard to be hold by hand. I told my doubt to my friend, he told me that was an small size. OK, sent it out. Day 8. In the morning, another new STL file was sent to me. And he approved my doubt, the first design was wrong dimension. Day 9...10...12.. correct dimension with different shapes... When everything was done, it felt like completing a great work, so did my friend, even though he wasn't the person building the design, neither the one completed the printing.