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  1. nijaflex

    Sorry, the travel speed is 70mm/s, printing speed: 40mm/s But I would like to try a higher travel speed as Cosmowave suggested.
  2. nijaflex

    The flex is not from ninja, because I couldn't find it in my local market.I had used the flex from Polymaker and some others. Layer thickness: 0.2mm Travel speed: 40mm/s Standard nozzle: 0.4 mm
  3. We can gain more and more experiences on different prints,it's really interesting. Below are ABS small spiral vases (120mm tall). The left unfinished grey one had melt layers, so I stopped its printing. Absolutely, it was caused insufficient cooling. Finally I found my cooling fan support had been deformed during long time high temperature heating, also a lot of dust deposited on the fan blades, also its air duct. So I cleared the fan and replaced a new fan support, get a better small spiral vase, see the left one. [3-feet ABS turbo fan holder.STL] [blue fan holder20160107.STL] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Besides insufficient cooling, also many other factors will cause melt layers. Over high nozzle temperature or bed heating. (this was my first test,the fan hadn't yet been cleared and with deformed fan support.Vase 150 mm tall ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Different material features will also has different results. mABS- nozzle temperature 260 - bed heating 90- slight cooling (Vase 120 mm tall)
  4. My Monster

    I like the print bed, can you share more on it? Many thanks.
  5. nijaflex

    Hi, I had printed some other flex filaments in XT Plus, hope this could offer some helps. Firstly, the feeding is OK, it's not proper to tight the filament very hard, well fix it with a slight spring forces to keep smooth extrusion and you can clearly see or feel the feeding gear keeping drawing the filament into tube. Below are my settings for Flex (3.0mm) in Fullscale XT Plus Nozzle Temperature: 220 or 230, both OK. Bed: 0-20, I often use the cool bed to print small model, 20 degree for bigger model. Cooling fan: open (like printing PLA) Speed: 40mm/s in Mankati Um and the default speed in Simplify 3D (I didn't check it.) Adhesion Type: Raft for big model Adhesion: common paper tape or hair spray Other settings are all default parameters in the slicer. Infill rates decides the print's rigidity
  6. Yes, this is also one point. So every time I will examine the G.code layer firstly.
  7. Prints sharing

    Just knew that, their models were printed with PLA.
  8. Prints sharing

    Thanks for the print sharing from all the friends around the world. Lucas ( Brazil ) Rich ( USA ) http://www.thingiverse.com/make:197743
  9. clock wise rotation could increase the motor power. ( The motor won't work when the drive module is over switched,just adjust it back a little.)
  10. Hi Tanu, Normally this is caused by high resistance of lubricant. When the room temperature become low, it affects the viscosity of Z axis lubricant and increase resistance on Z axis movement. Below are 3 solutions for reference:Tip 1: Place the printer with standard room temperature 20-25 degree. Such problem normally will disappear.Tip 2: Adjust Z motor module (there is a screw) with 30 degree in clockwise. See attached picture. The main board is at the bottom of the printer.Tip 3: Clear away the old lubricant on Z axis, and brush with the yellow oil. You need to unload the print bed and move away the black metal board in front of Z axis. Cheers 9Tail
  11. PLA WOOD

    Hi MVM, I printed them in vertical direction. With support fill rate 40%. The PLA wood without any retraction, and its support could be easily cleared.
  12. XT Plus Fan Holder, XT Fan

    3-feet turbo fan holder20151109.STL Sorry for the late response. Here is the latest version of turbo fan holder.
  13. Prints sharing

    The hips start to dissolve in first 3 hours but still in high viscosity. The cup was too small, so I placed it overnight. Totally more than 12 hours. The model is organized by 3 balls.
  14. Prints sharing

    I only could find D-limonene with purity 90%+ in local market. Heavy orange smell.
  15. PLA WOOD

    Hi Michael, Its actual composite is PLA, no wood contents. but it has the features similar with wood. foaminess and lighter, easily burn out. Printing specs is same with PLA. Cheers 9Tail