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  1. 3d printed quadcopter

    its a pleasure seadog . this soft is so easy to use and power full today i no more using SW ;-).
  2. nijaflex

    ok i have try still spitting on the bed my print speed is set to 10 mm/sec . i had to clean my nozzle so when i did i saw the small ptfe tube in the heatsink was damaged and reducing the hole size so maybe this is my problem this making the filament generate friction . also im using bontech extruder maybe they are not suitable for this kind of filament .anyway , first i will try with the heatsink tube repared to see what i get
  3. hi MVM , myself i was thinking to do the same thing . For me the first thing is they look to be relly easy to replace or do the maintenance on those nozzle compare to mankati . Second for 2 nozzle they have a better solution for adjusting the height of both . But i wrote 4 emails to them with pictures of the mankati nozzle . i was asking them wich one i chose chose to fit on my mankati because from what i was seeing the directdrive solution was looking more as what we have than the bowden one . so i never get any answer from them. if it's this way they want to run there buisness they will not have my money . so i have designed one my self ,it will be super easy to adjust and the temp would be same as E3d-v6 . i will begin those part on my lathe soon . i will come back and let you know how things goes and if its a bing win maybe i will have a solution for us and others.
  4. nijaflex

    thanks guy for those reply i will retry it at 15 mm/s . Are you using alot the retraction when u print those filament because, like i said the soft filament are zigzaging in the ptfe tubing so there a lot of lentacy. retraction will cause some under extrusion because of that . anyway i will redo a test print today
  5. 3d printed quadcopter

    hi Seadog, how is transition is with fusion ?
  6. 3d printed quadcopter

    Hey Guys , just want to share with you my blog just newly created . just if you want to keep looking or seeing any update on this 3dprinted quadcopter or my next project to come . here is the link feel free to subscribe http://3dbelanger.wix.com/bcreative thanks
  7. 3d printed quadcopter

    hi Seadog, i was using solidwork 2014 . first as an hobbyiste its really a cheap sollution compare to solidwork . A cam section is integrated so im able to create my milling toolpath directly in .Modern modeling is integrated so you can directly modify the surface vertex . creating my part all in the main assembly i think solidwork can but anyway as im going more serious in my work and plan to do money at some point im more please to pay 300 per year than 6000 . the best thing i can tell is give a try
  8. 3d printed quadcopter

    hi here is my camera gimbal for this quad . i have not reivented the wheel with this concept . the only thing different is i able to connect and disconnect it easy. the goal was to follow the quad main concept. have a big quad for aerial filming easy to carry with minimal space . first the black base will be bolt with 3mm titanium bolt at thhe quadcopter body. i will use a nylon lock system to secure the gimbal in place. the controller board is integrated in the long part base ,so like that i just need to pass the power from the connector .
  9. 3d printed quadcopter

    hi James ,my quadcopter was design in solidwork , but recently i have shifted to autodesk fusion 360 really nice soft everything is in there . i speed up my design speed to 80 % no joke . and its really affordable for hobby guy compare to solidwork ;-).
  10. 3d printed quadcopter

    of course James more input = more quality ;-) . so im about to submit some software pic of my design here maybe today or tomorow so you will see how its looking . the hard part is i have to follow my quad design , i mean the gimbal need to be unplugable so i think i found the way to do it ;-). thanks
  11. mysefl also i was heated the second hot and to get the thing printing right ,maybe sometime the not used print head have somtime a bulge of cold plastic at the tip and this do not help .the ajustement of those nozzle are a nightmare .im thinking of desinging a new easy ajustable nozzle for the makati full scale plus .
  12. 3d printed quadcopter

    Thanks James,for now it was just for the project but is not impossible this will turn to someting comercial . after the camera gimbal done .
  13. 3d printed quadcopter

    thanks James;-) ,now i just need to finish the camera gimbal and i will be done with this . and be ready to the next project . i hope those pic answer you on the electric part of the arm as you see its really simple .
  14. 3d printed quadcopter

    hi Seadog, for this im applying the carbon fiber over the printed part begining by a layer of epoxy and CF to follow just 2 layer is really enough .after i need to sand it and do all the finish. when i will be done and happy with all part i will do some mold for part that need CF . with mold the CF will have a better finish and almost no need the finish pass. i dont bake its strong enought. i hope this answer your question.
  15. 3d printed quadcopter

    hey guys , i just want to add some parts of my printed quadcopter . James in these you should see well the making of the arm its really simple . thanks