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  1. So I have an older mankati fullscale XT that I have modified quite a bit but I have met the extent of the stock firmware. I just added a new E3D nozzle with the new temp sensor and I need to change the firmware so it will work. I have a copy of the original firmware but I can't get it to compile right. I would really like to start from scratch with the newest stable version of marlin. What board and LCD are in the mankati fullscale XT? I have a green PCB in an original fullscale XT (not the plus). I'm also planning to use the titan extruder from E3D. I will post up the files once I get it together but I need some help on the front end. Justin
  2. So I wanted to update the firmware on my mankati xt (non plus, green PCB) but when I plug it in to my laptop it says it wont work or if I try another usb port it says installing unknown 3D device. I try and update the firmware and mankatiUM says to connect the printer even though its connected. Is it a driver issue? I can't seem to find any drivers anywhere on this machine. Thanks, Justin
  3. Here is the one pictured above. It fits fine but I need to turn the heat sink down on a lathe to fit two of them next to each to meet the 20mm on center dimensions of the regular xt that I have. Would like to know the xt distance as I think two e3d nozzles would fit next to each other without modification based on pictures.
  4. Can anyone give me the on-center dimension between the two print heads on the xt plus? I am working on designing a new print head for my regular xt and would like to make it match the xt plus so I could use the xt plus firmware. Thank you! Justin
  5. My Monster

    I too would like some info on the print bed. I would like to change mine as well as I don't find that the glass is really that flat.
  6. Well I got it figured out. Turns out the fan was set to 100% for cooling and was causing the hot end to cool down too quickly as it was pointed right at the heater and not the part. I don't prefer to print with the fan for ABS anyway, so I just shut it off and now it works fine. That said, not the greatest hot end design. I can easily see why they changed to the E3D hot ends on the plus. I already ordered a new hot end to try on it.
  7. First post here. I recently was given the ability to purchase a fullscale xt but was told that it had an issue with the nozzles dropping temp after it started printing. I tried it out and sure enough, once the print starts the nozzle just starts to drop temp. I had it set at 255 for ABS and by the 4th layer it had already dropped down to 225 and was continuing to do so if I didn't stop. I tried the second nozzle and the same thing happens. If I just pre heat the nozzles to 255 and let it sit for a while, it stays just fine. Any thoughts? Is it a settings error? I have simplify3D but I haven't tried it yet. This seems like a pretty solid printer but I want to make sure it doesn't turn in to a rabbit hole trying to fix this issue. Thanks! Justin