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  1. Mankati XT Plus and Cura

    Hi Sagnak, Would love to help, though could you please provide more information of your problem. Are you printing remotely with the SD card or tethered to a computer? Regards, James.
  2. Mankati XT Plus and Cura

    David, My apologies for not seeing your question. I did not receive a notification of your post to the thread. It is for single extrusion. The parameters for the use of the second nozzle need to be activated/input. And it has no affiliation with an Ultimaker printer either, purely my settings for the Fullscale XT Plus, period. Regards, James.
  3. Dave, That is great information Dave. Kudos!
  4. printhead

    Hi Cosmowave! It's fairly tricky. I did have a thread on this forum that had quite a few photos showing how to get started though the forum changed at one point and the data was lost apparently. It is required to dismantle the gantry at each rods end support/bearing, shimmy the gantry down until you can remove the rods and pull the hotend off. Each bearing supporting the smooth rods is supported in a laser cut acrylic mount that is held to the printer chassis with M3 philIips head bolts. Keep a dish (magnetic dish is ideal) handy to place all the parts in while you are disassembling the gantry. It worked best for me to tilt the gantry in order to pop the bearings and acrylic mounts off so the whole assessmbly could be moved. I then pulled the rods out the side of the machine. It's a tight setup. I have done it a few times and swore to never do it again after putting the Fullscale XT Plus print head on I'll have a good look for some photos for you. Cheers, James.
  5. How much retraction are you using??

    mvm, No worries mate. You're miles ahead of me there! I'm trying to use my ABS spools where and when I can to move them on. I'd love to try the materials you mentioned. Have you a favourite? Let me know of your findings. All of these theories and practises are in need of collation. Have you tried any of the 'wipe' and 'z lift' settings to reduce stringing? There is definitely a good combination of variables to be found there to reduce stringing, though I believe it is mandatory for the active cooling from the cooling fans. I'm currently playing with some tiny peltier coolers (10mm X 10mm) to try and gain some control over the hotend heat dissipation. All in good fun Have a great day! Cheers, James.
  6. How much retraction are you using??

    Hi mvm, I've had plenty of experience with clogging and stringing with the Fullscale XT and XT plus, as I'm sure most have what a pain! I currently use 3mm at 80 mm/s for PLA and ABS, any more on a long print and the nozzle will clog some hours into the print. What I have found it to be is the nozzle (as a system) allows heat to gradually transfer further up the filament length over time (from being soaked in the heat that exists in the heatsink) and so eventually makes the filament pliable at a location at which the nozzle will clog. I compensate this by increasing the print speed so as to move colder filament more quickly through the nozzle, which lessens the chance of the heat transferring up the filament as well as heat transferring from the surrounding hotend metal into the filament. So, my findings have been that increasing print speed and the rate of filament moving through the hotend to lessen the chance of jamming the hotend. I often get stringing with ABS as I (and I'm sure most) don't use the part cooling fans in order to avoid material warping, though with PLA the fans will reduce the stringing to non-existent (in my experience). Have you tried printing at a cooler hotend temp? Find a point at which the extruder drive does not click/skip on the filament though which still allows plastic to melt sufficiently enough for your print speed? Cheers, James.
  7. Mankati XT Plus and Cura

    Hi Bersandro, See the attached Cura parameters file. This is from my latest Cura/Fullscale XT setup. Load it into Cura and it will populate the parameters within a new machine profile. Try it out and let us all know how you go Cheers, James. Fullscale XT Plus.ini
  8. Mankati User Forum Reopened

    Hi Everyone! I've been a long while missing from the forums and have recently logged on to see what has been happening. And it seems not much? A bit of a desert around hereby the looks. I'm still happily 3D printing and enjoying my Mankati Printer, and I've been interested in hearing from the company regarding the new e180 machine. Though I am yet to hear a response from the company. Hope all is OK and everyone is occupied and having fun! I hope to have some content for the forums in the new few weeks. It will be great to share and discuss things with the forum again, if anyone is about Kind regards, James.
  9. NEW MANKATI E180 3D Printer

    Hi All, mvm, perhaps you could buy a filament recycler/extruder combo to turn your 3mm filament into 1.75mm filament? Tehehe just being cheeky! I am much more a fan of 1.75mm filament then 3mm, after a few years of using both. It would be interesting to have a thread available to explain why and compare opinions and facts...another day though! I also received the email showing the new printer. I'm a big fan of the specs, information and look. I hadn't heard anything of it until I saw the email though. And upon responding I have not heard back from them since. I'd love to see some videos! I wish they would have either increased the build volume or retained the existing. The use of HIWIN style linear rails is exciting along with the 32 bit microcontroller. Hopefully it is quiet, smooth, reliable and powerful. Without repeating what the website already notes, I can say that I wouldn't mind getting one, that's for sure! Im currently a long way from home (Australia) where my printers are and am travelling America and Canada at the moment. Though by the time I'm done here I may have enough want and need for another printer Edit: One gripe I didn't mention, It would have been great to enclose the spool of filament within the machine. Cheers, James Armstrong
  10. A Valentine "Card"

    Hi Coffee! You're a legend. Nice work! I always get in trouble for not making my partner anything with my printers. I'm always making things for everyone else but her...apparently anyway My hat is off to you. James.
  11. 3d printed quadcopter

    Good Evening! Fantastic! Post away. Love to see more of this type of design. What software are you modelling with? Cheers, James.
  12. 3d printed quadcopter

    3dbelanger, Fantastic! If you are working on a camera gimbal and are interested in some collaborative design, let me know. I've been designing a few types and forever could do with some input. I always seem to drag the chain with the design of them for one reason or another. Cheers, James.
  13. 3d printed quadcopter

    3dbelanger, They definitely do! I love the integration of electronics within the structure of the drone. Do you use drones for a commercial purpose, or just fun and interest? James.
  14. 3d printed quadcopter

    3dbelanger, Looks fantastic! You have an incredible skillset!
  15. Hi mvm! I have had this exact problem. I had to adjust the two hotends on my machine quite a few times to get it right. I found in mine the smallest amount of adjustment available where the hotend mounts to the XY gantry block. It also helps to not have curling edges on overhangs as they can catch quite easily, which is avoidable by all sorts of means. I did have an initial quick fix though, and that was to have the second hotend heated to operating temp for the plastic used so it melts through the impacts with the printed part as opposed to catching. Cheers, James.