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  1. Overhangs Curling Up

    I've tried no fan, the print quality seems to drop a lot though. These gears are a good example: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:213946. An overhang ending at a sharp point, over 5mm or so tends to curl up significantly, and can ruin the print.
  2. Dreaded Clicking Noise

    This same problem was driving me mad. The solution that completely fixed it for me was applying some thermal paste to the threads on the stainless fitting, where it screws into the heatsink. The issue stems from heat creeping up the stainless steel fitting the nozzle screws onto. With the standard assembly there is a poor thermal connection between the heatsinks and threaded fitting, so heat isn't removed very efficiently and it can creep up over long prints. The thermal paste improves the conductivity and wicks the heat away much better.
  3. Overhangs Curling Up

    Has anyone had any issues with overhangs curling up? I'm printing with ColorFabb XT filament, any overhangs greater than 30 degrees or so curl up ever so slightly, enough to ruin the overhang quality and make the bed jump and rattle when the nozzle runs over it. Running the fan at 100% but I'm wondering if it's just not strong enough to cool the filament properly and quickly?