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  1. Unstable temperatures

    Hi guys, I believe I am having the same issue. My printer nozzles will no longer meet it's heat temperatures. For example, when I set it to preheat to 210, it will reach 195 drop to 182, rise again to 195, drop and repeat the process. I have changed the thermister the thermostat and tried re flashing the firmware. No luck. Does this could like a board issue? I cannot afford the $400 replacement that mankati want me to buy. Would you be able to reccomend a solution? I have no idea where to even start with changing such a big part of the printer. Thanks, Gareth.
  2. My mankati Fullscale XT Plus has been working well for over a year now, hasn't needed and replacement parts. Recently, both nozzles have not been able to meet their mark. For a 210 degree pla print, it will reach 196 and then drop down to 182. It keeps repeating this process, reaching 196 and falling, never reaching its mark. If I manually set it to 260, it will heat to 242 and drop down to 225, rise again and keep repeating. My heat bed is fine as it will reach its mark and hang there perfectly. Support have gotten me to replace the thermostat, the thermister heat tube, no change. They got me to refresh the firmware, still no change. I'm beginning to worry as the more I do, the more things point to the board or psu. I have no idea what to look for when looking at the board. I have heard about something called DIP being the problem in similar instances, although I have no idea how to go about checking that. Anyone got any ideas? I have been trying to fix this to no avail for 2 weeks.