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  1. Issues with mware 1.1.9

    Hi, Philipp Thank you for your detailed feedback. Bug 1: Unfortunately function "update profile list" is designed at the beginning to do that. I feel so sorry for your loss of third-party profiles. As time flows we changed our idea, that's how "edit" function came. But it seems we haven't take all existing things into consider. We have big changes in next version, this mechanism will be deprecated. Bug 2: I have to apologize to this bug. I did reproduce it by following your steps. We have been working on the next version these days. It will be fixed. For temporary, if you do need the edit, you can(1)close mWare (2)go to C:\Users\..\Local\mware\profiles\mPLA-Customised.cfg(for example), edit "material_print_temperature" to what you want such as 250°C (3)reopen mWare now, change profile to anyone else and change back to mpla-customised, click ok button, just to make sure it’s activated. Slice to see if it takes effect. If you have any more problem, please reply. Thank you!