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  1. Issues with mware 1.1.9

    Hi Some new bugs: 1) Loses Alignment. Steps to reproduce: Create a simple form, 195 x 6 x 6 (can be done in tinkercad in less than 30 seconds) Load the form in mware The form is greyed out, because it is to large, that's ok click rotate Enter 45° in Y Axis (shouln't it be Z axis??) Press Enter Now the form is orange, looks ok Press slice or anywhere else Bug -> Now the 45° alignment is lost, form is greyed out again Fix -> After Scale, press 'arange', then it's ok 2) No connection time out message with low cpu machines: On a a machine with low cpu power, pressing 'print' does not work. It is not really a bug, but it is confusion because the user thinks on a network or operating system error at first (this happend actually to me). A 'connection timed out' message would help a lot. 3) Slice loop I still trying how to reproduce this issue. Often it is slicing 'for ever'. The slicing progress bar is repeadetly looping. A restart of mware helps in this case 4) Pre-heated bed won't reset This is a minor bug. Using remote control, pre-heat the bed to 90°C. Then print anything that requires a lower bed temperature than 90° (e.g. ABS for example). bug: Printing starts with 90°C now
  2. Issues with mware 1.1.9

    Hi There are a few issues with mware 1.1.9: Bug 1, Steps to reproduce, deleting third party profiles Start mware. Click Settings. In profiles combo box, select manage profiles. Click 'update profile list' -> you'll find that all third party profiles you've added are deleted. Bug 2, Steps to reproduce, changing temps Start mware. Click Settings. In profiles combo box, select a material. click add, you'll have a customized profile now. click manage profile. select the new profile and click 'edit. Set both temperatures, the object print and raft print temperature to 250°C. Click OK. Click Edit again, both fields show 250°C - which is what the user selected. Close all dialogs. Close the program. Open the program again, edit the new profile -> you'll find that mware changed the raft print temperature to 230°C. I do not like that mware changes the temperatures without informing the user. For a third party profile the software have to respect the values the user has set. Thanks, Philipp
  3. Mankati E180 Noise Canceler

    Version 1.0.0


    This block helps eliminating annoying noise issues, reduces oscillating. Print it with Mankati ABS Black. It is a snug fit, loose the two screws below and put the block between the steel flange and X Axis stepper Motor.
  4. Mankati E180 Top Feeder

    Version 1.0.0

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  5. Hi My E180 prints white Mankati ABS without any problems. As soon as I try other filaments (ABS-X from dutch filaments, or PET-G from Y&G) I have no success at all. Manual extrusion works fine, after that it stops extruding. I do unload and reload material, re-calibrating the heatbeat, remove the nozzle burn it free - whatever I do it always stops printing. I do experiments with different printing temperatures - from 230 to 290 - no success. After that I found that mware is a bit bitchy. I completely close mware and set the temperature in the cfg file manually. You can set the printing temperature there, but not the raft printing temperature. When you edit the profile in the gui, the software sets the raft print temp 25°C higher as the object printing temp - which I do not want. Anyone has similar issues? Thanks, Philipp