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    First I would like to say that our organization is impressed with the professional design and performance of the E180 printer as well as the professionalism of the sales and support teams. We do have the following enhancement requests for the next version of the mWare software: 1. Implement the "Save Project" command into mWare. This basic and essential command is already available in Cura. Currently with mWare 1.1.9, there is no way to save information on how the models are positioned and oriented on the build plate. Also there is no way to save the parameters that were used to create the G-Code (speed, infill, shells, support angle, etc). 2. Allow opening G-Code files in mWare (for visual print geometry preview). Of course, mWare already allows this preview, but the problem is we cannot open it again after mWare has been closed, unless we slice the model again. We do not want to slice it again and possibly use different parameters or have the part oriented differently than before. It would nice if we can simply open a G-Code file in mWare to visually preview the geometry that will be printed. This basic command is already available in Cura. We appreciate your consideration.