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  1. z wobble, please help!

    You are looking at the wrong Source of Your Problem. It's not really the Z-Axis that makes this Problem because it's repeating exactly at the same height... Check that the Z-Axix spins freely. Mankati put a very heavy Grease onto it and that let the Buildplate move badly. It looks like it's always on the same Angle of the Leadscrew. Clean it up and try again. I had the same Problem that the Buildplate does not move to it's Home (Z).
  2. The Heatsink-Fans start spinning when 40°C are reached... The Turbo-Fan is only used for delicate Filament like PLA (or even for PETG), which needs cooling when printing... It's that easy. ABS does not need the Turbo-Fan. It can disconnect the Part from the Bed when using the Turbo-Fan on ABS...
  3. Upgrade to E3D V6 hot ends

    You simply ordered the wrong Typ of E3D Hotends. You need the ones without the integrated Tube Plug. They fit perfectly...
  4. Today I solved a Problem that occured sometimes, specially when it is a bit cold outside. The Grease Mankati used for the XT Plus was so sticky, that the Z-Axis Motor had not enough Force to turn. The Result was a clogged Nozzle, (PLA cloggs more frequently than ABS!) Print with wrong Height and a very heavy and slow Table Move. After cleaning the hole Spindle and lubricating with Machine Oil, the Problem is gone. Every Print now gets the right Height and the Table moves faster and more silent. I hope, Mankati will change the Use of this Grease and use some sort of Oil instead. If You have the same Problems with Clogging etc, check the Z-Axis if it turns easy...
  5. not slicing and printing small objects

    try setting the Nozzle Size smaller (0.2mm). This may help...
  6. Dreaded Clicking Noise

    we are talking about the Hotend Fans, not the (Turbo-) Fan that cools PLA. There is no Option or Setting to turn off the Hotend Fans (just cutting the Wires). These Fans start when 40°C are reached. How did You set these Fans to "0" ?? (Cutting the Wires ??)
  7. If You hear "Clicking", the Filament is NOT grinding. The Extruder snaps back because the Hotend is jammed. I had the Same Problem and my Solution was simple. I changed the two Hotend Fans so that they don't blow against each other and I chnaged the Extruders (I use Bondtech Extruders now). Since then I never had the same Prolems anymore. It specially occurs with PLA, ABS is not so sensible. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1165625 It may help You too. Greets Christian
  8. Chimera Experiences anyone

    Take a look at "Multiextrusion"... there is no 3mm Version of the Chimera.
  9. Upgrade to E3D V6 hot ends

    The 24V Version is needed, because a 12V Version does only survive about 13h, not more. BTW: The Direction of two Fans need to be changed because they blow against each other and Cooling is not ganagteed anymore (my Experience). I hav modified one of the two Hotends: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1165625 and this Configuration works great...
  10. Bondtech extruder

    Hi Klaus Thank You for the Feed Back. So I have to buy a complete Extruder (x2) to be in Your Class.. Maybe I do so... Greets Christian
  11. XT Hood for heat retention

    Hi Mongrel You're right with the Fans, but some of the Images dont have this Fans... That's why I say Heat must escape... ...and the XT has different Cooling for the Hotend. On the XT Plus the Cooling Fans can melt and block the Printer. May be the Fans for the Hotends itsel also, if they were also from ABS. I believe, that Airflow from the SIde is more a Problem than that little warm Air that escapes on the Top. You will tell us for sure Your Experiences... (or not?) Greet Christian
  12. XT Hood for heat retention

    Hi All I made the Mistake to do something like this with my XT Plus and this was a big Failure. The Parts (ABS) inside melted and the hole Printer blocked after about 40 Minutes. You have to take care that some Heat must escape from the Printer, if it is an XT Plus! The XT (without Plus) may work, not the Plus!
  13. Dual front fan holders

    Hi Seadog Please take a Look on my Version. I needed to change it because of bad Heattransfer: https://youtu.be/GqBmofOmKyQ Greets Christian
  14. Bondtech extruder

    Hello Klaus Is this really a XT Plus? The geared Feeder Motors on my XT Plus look different (quadratic). Greets Christian
  15. Dreaded Clicking Noise

    I have modified my XT Plus to get better Cooling. Fans are now on the Front and Heat is removed mcuh better. After a 190 Min. Print the Temp between the lowest two Finns is only about 33°C. I also use now a Volcano Hotend on the first (left) Extruder. The second will be changed later, because I'm currently only needing one for my Projects.