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Found 1 result

  1. Hello together I just got my Mankati fullscale plus for xmas and happily started printing with it. Just a few remarks from good old Europe ;-) 1. The machine is installed within a few hours (1-2) - easy nice a clean 2. at the beginning everything is working fine - also very nice but after a few weeks it started to getting real nasty 1. clogging of the extruders started increasing and getting very annoying special during night on long print jobs - cleaning of nozzle (and replacing see below) didn't changed the problem 2. the chrome of the sliders seems to get worn out - at least they are getting black - just cleaned then and added a few drops of oil before every printjob 3. the light is a mess - replaced it with several LED strips - costs about 3 CHF - why is this not part of the initial printer (also put a switch before the LED if no light is needed) - additional 2 CHF 4. if the fan is running 100% the hotend doesn't get over 180° C - will replace it with e3d V6 Hotends 5. replacing one nozzle (originally delivered by mankati) it seems that this nozzle is 0.3mm longer than the original installed so this nozzle started to scratch over the already printed parts 6. Put my bed at a Laser device and it looks like a roller-coaster - lucky me I ordered a 2nd one which was better- only 0.2mm ups and downs 7. the switch of the print bed initial was installed to high - so when the printer was running a while the print-bed un-adjusted itself - means the screws changed - moving the endstop a few mm down changed this - but be carefully not to tighten them to much as it might brake the printbed - with 4 screws it will produce a lot of tension on the bed if the screws are not tighten equally I now decided to replace the extruder by 2 bulldog XL and the hotend by two e3d V6 - hope this helps by any chance has somebody the information how the wiring on the mainboard looks like - found a similar mainboard in the internet where the connector was labeled as 1A - 1B - 2B - 2A is that correct - the Bulldog Extruder only has cables an no plug ;-) if someone has the right structure it would be very helpful. overall Mankati Fullscale even for the low price is not a bargain and special if you are looking for high quality prints it needs a lot of work (money) and patience to get there kind regards Joe