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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I bought a new printer Fullscale XT Plus. And in the process of learning it was pressed the button "Install the default firmware ...", in the "Printer" section of the MunkatiUM program menu. The process of searching for the firmware for the printer started. It was a program that was quickly found and downloaded, immediately automatically installed into the printer via USB cable. There were no installation errors. Written that everything is completed correctly and now the printer itself will reboot. Thereafter priter began much beeping, and the display is lit, but without any information. The program downloaded and installed the file "Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex" As far as I remember, there was a 6 version of the firmware on it. Actually the question is: where do I get the working 6 version of the firmware? And how correctly do I install it? P.S.Windows 10 x64, the latest updates. Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex
  2. Hi to all Due to some bugs in the source code available on NickP's posts when using Simplify 3D and dual extrusion, I had to upgrade the Firmware. So I have upgraded to a stock Marlin 1.1.0 - RC8 firmware, making configuration in only 3 files. First you need to setup an Arduino environment and have implemented the right libraries ( U8glib.h), see this tutorial https://forum.e3d-online.com/index.php?threads/firmware-flashing-guide.708/ In the IDE configuration you need to specify in Tools section Board : Arduino / Genuino Mega or Mega 2560Processor : AT Mega 2560Port : Your usb port where your printer is attachedSecond you need the source code from Marlin github :1.1.0-RC8.zip . Please read carefully the release notes as it is not an official stable release yet, but last but one release candidate. Third you need the right configuration files (configuration.h, configuration.adv.h, pins_RUMBA.h) and replace the downloaded ones. I have attached mine, but as I have an highly modified printer (Bondtech Extruders, E3D V6 hotends, 400 steps/rev steppers motors, GT2 belts and pulleys), many parameters have been adjusted. I will try to provide the list of changes that should be done to adapt to a standard Full-scale XT Plus (or XT) using your own values. (refer to older source code versions in NickP post for the OEM values) All the changes from the stock source code have been commented by //DVDW File pins_RUMBA.h No changes except if you have implemented more hardware File configuration.adv.h No changes except if you want to tweak features like lcd screen or thermal protection File configuration.h It is the main configuration file. You have to take your own values from your configuration.h file in NickP post version. Some changes made are linked to the hardware of the stock machine and don't need to be changed. Here's the list of points you need to review and apply your own changes : #define HOTEND_OFFSET_X and #define HOTEND_OFFSET_Y : offset between your 2 hotends, need to be set accordingly to your HW. If you use Cura / Mankati UM, uncomment these lines, you can set them using M218 in your starting script if you use a different slicer.#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 : if you are using the standard 100k thermistor from Mankati, should be set to 1#define TEMP_SENSOR_1 : if you are using the standard 100k thermistor from Mankati, should be set to 1#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP and #define HEATER_1_MAXTEMP and #define BED_MAXTEMP : refer to your own values#define DEFAULT_Kp, #define DEFAULT_Ki, #define DEFAULT_Kd : refer to your own values or best make a PID from your host and report the actual values#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT : refer to your own values. Should be something like {78.74,78.74,800,600} or best do the calibration !section Preheat Constants : use your own valuesIf you want to make your calibration (PID, X steps, Ysteps, Zsteps and E steps per extruder), there are many useful tutos on reprap forums or Tom's Guide on youtube. I recommend doing it to improve the print quality. Please remember doing the upgrade is at your own risk and you need to be sure you have the Arduino environnement properly set up and use the right parameters. Worst case you can brick your printer ! I've posted my upgrade procedure and some information to let you do the same. It is working fine for me but I wouldn't be liable for any problems you'll get into. This upgrade provides me many improvements : print quality, bug fixes, better bed leveling options and convenient homing procedure. I may implement additional features : auto bed leveling (awaiting my probe to install it on a new redesigned turbo fan shroud) and maybe the linear advance feature to improve the ooze control. It is now a standard implementation from Marlin open source code (only the 3 configuration files needs to be tweaked) and will allow me to upgrade to the latest Marlin version. The menus are a bit different, with more options, but still close to the original ones. Good news is I'm not anymore dependent on Mankati support. David Configuration_adv.h Configuration.h pins_RUMBA.h
  3. Hello, i have a problem with the mankati fullscale xt printer, the computer can,t find the printer. i have tried to update the firmware, only if i remove the arduino from the printer the computer will find the arduino. When the card is put back in the printer it still has the same problem. Does someone know what the problem is, broken adruino, mainboard? greetings, Bram Wessel