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Found 1 result

  1. Notes for mNylon filament

    Material Storage mNylon 66 and mNylon 66 Reinforced material are easy to moisture regain in storage and in printing process. Damp nylon 66 filament will cause rough surface and stringing problems like below: To avoid that, you need to carefully store and place the material, these are some methods for you. Put the nylon filament in a sealed box in printing process. Option 1: Polymaker PolyBox PolyBox is an ideal solution for storing the nylon filament in a proper humidity, it is composed of two parts: a base with hygrothermograph and desiccant storage area, and a cover with tube in and out holes. It is easy to put the desiccant under the filament spool. The PolyBox is capable of storing two spools under 1kg or a 3kg spool. If store two spools under 1kg, a PolyBox can supply two 3D printer at the same time. Buy PolyBox here. Option 2: DIY with a preservation box We made a DIY guide for this, to know that, please click here. Use the right bags. If you need to store the nylon filament in plastic bags, please note that: 1. Check the bag is sealed or not, see if there are small holes on it. 2. Nylon bags are not suitable for storing nylon materials due to its water permeable feature. It is highly recommended to store the nylon filament in a sealed preservation box. Notes: 1. mNylon 66 and mNylon 66 Reinforced filament should be stored under humidity 20% If the inner humidity cannot lower down to 20% in 5-6 hours, it means you need to replace the desiccant asap. 2. Slightly dampened filament can be dried in the sealed dry box, but it will need more time of course. Support Structure Mankati mNylon filaments are all super layer bonding materials which means great isotropy. In the meantime, it is a bad news for support structure, the support structure will be hard to be removed. So we suggest customers reduce the need of support structure at the design stage.