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Found 2 results

  1. I am printing on a Mankati Fullscale XT, recently I have been experiencing a weird issue where several layers at the beginning re progressively off-centre. I have attached an image below. (I CANNOT ADD A PHOTO, IT FAILS ON UPLOAD EACH TIME???) As shown I am trying to make a simple tower and it slides over by a small amount each time. Does anybody know why this is happening and what i can do to fix the issue?
  2. hi there, i just want to share my experience and what i did to have a good and reliable 3d printer. Sticking to Bed issue solvedafter i purchase my mankati fullscale xt plus ,I start to print with abs getting good print was hard so the main problem was the sticking to the bed. I try to use many thing and tricks but hair spray is the best . first I bought the cheapest one ,it was working but half way .after couple of investigation and try between brand we found this we need to get this in ingredient VA/Crotonates/Vinyl Neodecanoate Copolymer and if is more at the beginning of the list more this product contain this ingredient . the spray im using is L'Oreal paris skill and gloss extra strong here is the link https://www.valuevalet.ca/l-oreal-paris-studio-line-silk-amp-gloss-fixing-spray-extra-strong-hold-400-ml-417048.html .Also we found this the hair spray seem to work best between those heating bed value 75c to 84c over or below this temp sticking is no more good ,but at 75 I was getting pretty strong grip during long print. I was able to print large flat rectangle base 16 cm by 10 without lifting and warping issue. the cool thing also ,when is cold your print in no more stock on the plate. another thing I can do 3 to 4 prints with the same application. For pla and in-pla im using the green painter tape this cost around 4$ a roll and is working so great no lifting at all and you can reuse it if you don't tear it when you release you part. nylon,petg,im using my kids school glue stick "Pritt" work really well .after applying it im using a humid towel to have get a better distribution on the bed. but I will try hair spray if it work with those also to get a better flat finish. under extrusion fixedafter couple of 3d prints, I was getting some layer with under extrusion so after trying to understand what was happening there ,I found as a newbie I need to clean my extrusion motor wheel du to retraction I was getting plastic chips between the metal gear. during the print the gear was less effective on some teeth's and make the filament slipping and giving me some layer with under extrusion. so what I learn from there always clean this before each print ;-). PLA is another story . The pla structure is crystal shape that's why pla is more brittle than abs ,that also mean the filament will be more subject to grind .If im printing a part with a lot of retraction 100% sure I will fail after 1 h or so I try many setting without success .I did a test with no retraction at all to see if is really my problem and it turn out my part was printed almost perfect . so I thought to buy the bondtech extruder . after installing it was a dream no more grinding but some tweak ne to be done. on the bondtech extruder you have to adjusting screw to set the grinding wheels closer or farter giving more or less grip to the filament . for the abs I was not getting but with PLA again my extruder motor was giving me false step . so I try to adjust the variable resistor on the main board to check if it was a power problem. after doing it im still having this problem so what I understand is the pla is less compressible than abs/nylon/petg and the motor is trying to compress the filament to feed it to the nozzle so loosing the adjustable screws on the back of the bondtech extruder and is working like a charm no more false step no more under extrusion. offset on my printsanother problem I was getting .some of my print was getting an offset on , if I redo the same print the offset was happening at the same height weird . I thing my motor was to weak so I turn on the main board 90 deg clockwise the 3 variable resistor for the x,y,z axis . after doing it my printer was getting alive sure the motor are I bit more noisy and a bit hotter but no more offset is occurring . I did a 50h print succesfull so I thing the test is passed . the next trouble is the nozzle now my extruder is working fine I suspect my nozzle need to be look . now im getting quality print with all material but PLA don't im no more failing but im getting over extrusion on some layers . after running some test I found this if im doing retraction example 2 or 3 mm , at some point the filament is jamming in the nozzle and the stress is accumulating on the filament by the extruder forcing to push it through the nozzle and when the pressure is high enough the nozzle un jam and all the accumulated stress push the filament resulting to over extrusion on the current layer. maybe some pla filament don't have the same crystallisation on the length of the filament resulting some part are melting faster and other part less faster ??. my next step was to buy and test the e3d v6 nozzle but those guy don't answer my 3 emails i sent so I will not waist my money there so my next plan will be to create my own one with my milling and my lathe I will try to get more easy adjusting between the 2 nozzle because now its a bit pain in the ass to adjust. excluding the pla all other working like a charm and is nice to print without always going in the basement to see if thing going well or failing and be convince that your print will be a success just by watching the first layer.