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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I have a Mankati fullscale XT. I been printing on it for about 2+ years. Recently i have decided to build a drone, so i needed a frame. I went to thingiverse and downloaded Hovership's STL files. Basically i printed the (clean upper) file at 15mm/s initial and 100mm/s upper layers with no problem (printed a set of 2 in 1 job) The second file i tried (base lower) file @15mm/s initial and 100mm/s final (printed 2 in 1 job). Layers shifted about 1.25 to the right and it was just a huge mess. It was not the first time that happened. So, i figured the software got all confused, because of too many details i was asking of it. Maybe i made it print too fast. Ok, fine. I reset the job and printed again with 15mm/s initial and 70mm/s final. Same thing happened. This time i uploaded a single item. I did not print 2 copies of the same job. Basically the print failed because the layers shifted settings were the same, 15mm/s initial and 100mm/s final. The next step would be to check the file itself by importing it into a 3d modeling software. I will also try to slow the print speed way down. I really do not think this will help. I think is something with the file itself. If anyone has any tips.... Thanks!