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Found 3 results

  1. Mankati mWare 1.1.9_Windows

    Version 1.1.9


    This is the latest mWare slicing software. We added more slicing settings in the "Print Settings" interface, which will gives much more freedom when using 3rd materials. Note: You need to register and log in before downloading.
  2. Mankati XT Plus and Cura

    Hello folks! I've a Mankati xt plus and i would like to use the latest version of Cura with this machine instead Mankati software that's too old, someone could give me some suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if someone else noticed that when we create rounded shape or hole in our design, the slicer (MankatiUM) makes the extrusion right on the edge instead of inside the shape. So I always had to compensate by adding the size of the filament extrusion. For hole it's quite easy but for gears with rounded tooth, it's quite tricky. Is there a setting somewhere I didn't see to force the slicer to make the extrusion always inside the shape on edges ?