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Found 1 result

  1. Hi to all, It's been a while since I've posted on the forum. Lots of work to do for 3D Hubs customers. I had a slot free so I tried to print ColorFabb HT with dissolvable supports (FormFutura Atlas) for myself. To minimize the oozing, I am using a change tool script in Simplify 3D to cool the previous extruder to a waiting temp and heat the new one to the working temp. So the printer printer has to heat the main extruder to 260°C, the second one to 210°C and the bed to 90°C (I'm printing on PEI sheet). After the printer is hot, let's say 20 min, the power supply is constantly cooling, and them temps get unstable, and it's pretty difficult for the PID to compensate and hit the target temp. The whole print ends up in a mess due to unexpected oozing, degraded plastic, .... And I noticed some layer shifting, but I'm not sure the head hasn't bumped into the part. The whole thing happened twice. So I've been into some testing to realize that when loaded, even with only one single extruder @260°C, the PSU is getting hot, creating instability in the temps reading, even the non used extruder and heated bed. See screenshot. The oscillation is to fast to be linked to an hardware issue and affects every temp reading. Since the PSU is cold, no problem at all, the issue is that it's getting hot only after 15min of moderate usage. And at the moment, weather in France is getting a bit hot. I've checked the wirings, the mainboard for any short or burn mark. The board is pretty clean. BTW I already have a 40mm case fan blowing on the driver side of the board. I'm going to replace the PSU after a bit more than 1 year. I've read on reprap forum that 360W is the minimum if you have to heat the bed + extruders. So I've ordered a 500W industrial grade PSU from local suppliers (TDK-Lambda-GWS-500-24 has nearly the same size). It will need a bit of drilling and wiring to put in place, but should be easily done. Anyone had the same type of issue ? David