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Heated bed not heating

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mvm    12

In the middle of a long print, my heated bed suddenly stopped heating itself.
Rest of the printer works fine, so I was able to finish the print, but I have others that I still need to do.

Heated bed temp was set at 75 degrees C, but has stopped working.

I don't measure any voltage on the connectors.

Does anyone know where to look for this?


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seadog    5

Hello mvm,

Have you checked that the plug under the bed is making contact/not faulty, I had to replace mine. If that is OK then you will have to remove the cover plate underneath and see if there is anything amiss there. Failing that it looks like a call to Mankati. At least by that stage you will have eliminated the obvious.


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mvm    12


Thank you for your inputs.

About six months back, I had a half-molten connector between the heatbed and the wiring (the one dangling below it).
I received a new connector from Mankati which was supposedly improved, but I did not like the look of it. I thought the metal tabs to be a bit thin. So I simply replaced that connector with one of those thermoplastic connectors which uses screws to secure the wires inside a small brass metal block. Had no problems with heated wires after that, not even on long prints.

The printer itself was working, so it was not the Power Supply.
I mailed Mankati support (on Saturday) and got an answer within two hours. I unscrewed the bottom and found out that the connector for the heatbed wiring had practically melted away completely over time and one of the connectors pins had come loose, hence no power to the heatbed.
Yesteday, I removed the mainboard (after tagging all connectors and taking pictures to keep track where everything went).
Then I removed the remains of the heatbed wire connectors from the mainboard and soldered some standard 1.5mm2 solid copper wire onto the mainboard. Onto that, I again attached a thermoplastic connector.
Put everything back in place, connected all the wires again and voila, printer AND heatbed seem to be working again.

Have done only one smaller (3 hour) print so far with PLA and am going to do a longer one tonight to see how things go.
I have no idea just how much current is going through these wires, but it could be quite a bit since the board is only 24 Volts.

From Mankati I will get a new mainboard (for the XT Plus) for free, just have to pay for the shipping to Europe.

Also got from them a replacement PDF and some pictures of what all the connectors are for. 



The connector that was damaged is the Nr. 24 on the picture above.

For the record, although I agree that this should not happen after only 3150 hours of printing, I have gotten good support from Mankati so far (Thanks Savans).

Even though it was weekend, I we exchanged emails both Saturday and Sunday.

So no complaint from me there.



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mvm    12

Just an update.

Yesterday, I received my replacement mainboard for the Mankati with DHL Express.

Since my own repair, the Mankati has printed an additional 70 hours. Two of the prints I made were around 25 hours each with NGEN, which requires a heatbed temp of 75 degrees.

I have checked my repair and  the connector I made is looking just fine, so for the moment I will keep using the original mainboard and keep the replacement as a spare.


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