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Pre-extruding filament before a new printing

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9Tail    1

Before a new printing, examine the nozzle and feeding status by pre-extruding a certain length of filament.

Here is the operation of Mankati Fullscale XT Plus.



Step 1 to Step 3 is to turn down the print bed, so there will be enough room for the filament extrusion.

                           Prepare - Move axis - 1 mm - Z axis - distance xxx

Step 4 to Step 6 is the preheating work. Default preheating option is PLA and ABS, for other higher temperature requirement, please enter into "Control" page to turn up the preheating temperature (Max. 300 centi degree )

                           return to "Prepare" page- Preheat (e.g PLA) - Preheat PLA 1 (left nozzle)

Step 7 to Step 10, when temperature reach target heating temperature, extruding some filaments for examination. The feeding motor won't work if the nozzle temperature is too low to melt the filament.

                          Move axis - 1 mm - Extruder (left nozzle) - distance xxx

Step 11 to Step 12, inspecting if the filament could run out of nozzle smoothly and as thick as usual. After observation, everything goes well, let's start the new printing job.

                         Start the print from SD card.





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9Tail    1

Visual lines on the bottom layer




If the bottom layer of your print is showing very obvious print lines it's likely that your bed is simply leveled a little bit too far away from the nozzle. The closer to the nozzle the bed is on the first layer the harder the plastic will be squished into the bed and the lines will then blend together better. However, you can't go too closely as that will prevent the plastic from escaping from the nozzle properly. Pressure will build up and eventually the plastic will squirt out and create an ugly blob, or, it could cause the feeder to grind your filament which is something you don't want.


Well adjusted the print bed height, you will see layer like below:




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mvm    12

Thank you for these tips.

Actually, I ALWAYS let the Mankatie extrude some filament before I start my print.

First, It's the best way (I think) to make sure that the first blob of filament that was in the nozzle when you started heating it is out of the way.
Second, it's a good way of testing that your feedingmotor is working properly (especially if you have just switched to a different roll of filament)

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