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Test of PC filament 250 degree

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9Tail    1

PC turbo fan holder

Material: PC filament

Machine: Mankati XT Plus  

Adhesion: Buildtak  Tape


Layer: 0.2mm

Nozzle degree: 250 centi degree 

HBT: 80 degree

Fan speed: 0

Support: None






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mvm    12

What his this PC filament.

I have printed with lots of different types of filament on my Mankati XT. PLA, ABS, Nylon, XT, Carbon, Bronze, HD Glass, PETG, all these I print with regularly.

But I have not heard of PC Filament yet. Is this some kind of Co-Polyester (also known as XT?).

Also, I see you are using the Buildtak on your bed. How do you like it??
I have bought a while ago, but haven't used it so far.


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mvm    12

It's full name is polycarbonate. 

I also have few experiences of Buildtak, will test it in ABS, Nylon prints with big size.

Thank's for the response. OF COURSE it is PolyCarbonate.

Should have thought of that myself :)

This certainly is a material I need to try out. 
So far, for most of my prints, PLA is strong en hard enough. Most people don't realize that PLA actually has a HIGHER tensile strength than materials like Nylon or ABS (not sure about PETG). However, the main disadvantage of PLA is of course its low temperature resistance.


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