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uninterrupted power supply

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abhi569    0

hi everyone i am new to this forum

i would to ask about adding a UPS power source to my Mankati Fullscale XT 2013 to protect the printer and pause my prints in case of power outage. 

wattage (watts) of UPS needed ?

and can i use normal PC UPS with recommended wattage for my printer ?

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David    6

Hi Abhi

I use an UPS from Eaton, it's a 5P1550i with a 1550 VA capacity.

I'll be able to plug a second printer on it as the power consumption is about 400 to 500 VA when fully loaded.

I've got it for nearly a year without any issues.

The autonomy is limited to 15 min with only my Mankati on it, but it's mainly used to ensure a good quality of the mains against micro cuts and irregular voltage.


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