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XT Plus keeps clogging with ABS after 6-7 hours

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mvm    12

I am having a problem when printing with ABS.

I seem to be having a reoccuring problem with ABS printing on my XT plus printer.

The problem is simple, but keeps coming back. I am print a lot with ABS lately, and usually, each print takes about 6-8 hours per piece.
After two prints, the print nozzle suddenly is clogged and I have to clean it to get it working again.

I am printing a decent quality of ABS at 236 degrees Celsius. Am using the standard 10 mm of retraction at 790 mm/s. Printing speed is 35/55 mm/s, depending on the model being printed. 

Any one else having this same problem?




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David    6


Are you sure of your retraction settings ?

I know I'm using a E3D V6, which is full metal so I need to limit the retraction, but with 5 mm @ 40mm/s i've got no oozing at all with ABS. I'm printing ABS @260°C as it's a different grade, but it worked smoothly with different colors of filament. ABS produces less oozing that PLA or XT.

If your retraction is set too high even with the ptfe lining of your stock XT Plus printhead, you may create a buildup of semi molten abs quite high in the heat break and when it gets too high, you clog the nozzle.

BTW : I sent you a PM as I have a big issue with my printer, so getting rid of the Mankati board for a Duet3D. So have a look at your mailbox on this forum


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mvm    12

Forgot all about this post.

I finally traced down the problem to the small steel tube to which the nozzle is screwed (the heatbreak) had a somewhat damaged or deformed nozzle.

I (again) burned it clean with a torch, as well as the nozzle itself, and then with a file reworked the tip of the heatbreak to make it smooth and even again.

After that, the problem of clogging has disappeared. 

I think the issue was that during retraction, a bit of filament might have stock to the deformed area, slowly blocking the nozzle over time.

I have since then also reduced my retraction settings as less retraction seems to work just as well.
I have added a Creatbot DE Plus to my arsenal because I wanted a printer with a (much) larger build volume. Although the axis systems works different than on the Mankati, the Creatbot is otherwise very similar. However, the Creatbot works fine with just 3 mm of retraction (it will fail with 10 mm retraction very quickly). 

At the moment I am still tuning my retraction settings for the Mankati.

In the mean time, I did get a E3DV6 hotend, but haven't found the time yet to install it.


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