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Accuracy of temperature readings

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seadog    5

I wonder if anyone has been able to accurately measure the true temp of the extruders as opposed to that which is indicated on the screen, particularly if it has been necessary to remove and replace the sensor a few times.

I have produced, in PLA several prints now, one of them at 75mm/sec with an INDICATED temp of 230º. Anything much lower didn't work. Maybe using some silicone heat transfer paste would make a difference in accuracy. Must try it and see. 

On a similar subject my HOBBYKING infrared thermometer indicates a wide rang of temps around the bed. Would this, perhaps be the cause of some sticking problems?


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mvm    12

I do not have the ability to measure exact temperatures. However, that said, on our Mankati, the temperature sensor is located about a cm away from the actual nozzle.

So I think the reading is always a bit off. Second, we don't know just how accurate the sensor itself is. If the display is showing 230 degrees, it might actually be a range of +- 5 degrees easily if the sensor is slow.

From my experience, on the Mankati I always print at the high end of the printing temperature given for a certain filament. 

So, if a manufacturer mentions a print temp for PLA from 190-215 degrees, I will print at 215. XT I print at 250 because anything much lower and the layers won't stick.

The same goes for nylon (250), PETG (245) and similar materials.



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SGS    0


I have used an infra red, dual guiding laser gun (sounds like a kids toy ray gun here) to check my temps on both my XT's. I used it out of the box and got some wild reading, up and down, all over the place. But only at high temps, checking the heating plate set for 45c was spot on. I tried setting the emissivity for oxidized brass. The readings got closer to what the read out on the XT was showing. 

What I did do in the end was to paint the nozzle head black with auto engine paint, good for some 1800 F. It worked pretty good. When I measured the nozzle on my XT-1 it was all most spot on when set for PLA 215c, reading average was 214-216, thats not to bad. When I raised the team to 250c, I got a average reading around 252, XT-2 was a 2 degree off as well. The print bed or heated glass measure right on the money, without any adjustments to the emissivity, it was set for 45c and read 44.5c so thats good enough for me.  When raised to 80c it read right at 80.5.

I no way do I consider any of this scientific, but then why would I. After all I am using a 3D printer that is really solid and rates well when compared to other 3D printers in it's class. I just wished when I purchased my first XT FS over a year ago, that a complete parts list would have accompanied it. One that would tell me more about the parts and how they related and are used. Something, anything would be nice... would help more when ordering parts too. Just a thought here!

Anyways, back to measuring the XT FS or XT Plus. All things considered, as always your readings may vary.  I think if you are within a few degrees your hit the target. Consistent temps are more important really.

As always, I hope this helps a little.



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