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E180 wont print third party filaments

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geiserp    0


My E180 prints white Mankati ABS without any problems. As soon as I try other filaments (ABS-X from dutch filaments, or PET-G from Y&G) I have no success at all.

Manual extrusion works fine, after that it stops extruding. I do unload and reload material, re-calibrating the heatbeat, remove the nozzle burn it free - whatever I do it always stops printing.

I do experiments with different printing temperatures - from 230 to 290 - no success. After that I found that mware is a bit bitchy. I completely close mware and set the temperature in the cfg file manually. You can set the printing temperature there, but not the raft printing temperature. When you edit the profile in the gui, the software sets the raft print temp 25°C higher as the object printing temp - which I do not want.

Anyone has similar issues?

Thanks, Philipp

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