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Inet Cat

Non-working firmware? Where to get a worker?

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Recently I bought a new printer Fullscale XT Plus.

And in the process of learning it was pressed the button "Install the default firmware ...",

in the "Printer" section of the MunkatiUM program menu.
The process of searching for the firmware for the printer started.

It was a program that was quickly found and downloaded,

immediately automatically installed into the printer via USB cable.

There were no installation errors.

Written that everything is completed correctly and now the printer itself will reboot.

Thereafter priter began much beeping, and the display is lit, but without any information.

The program downloaded and installed the file "Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex"
As far as I remember, there was a 6 version of the firmware on it.

Actually the question is: where do I get the working 6 version of the firmware?

And how correctly do I install it?

P.S.Windows 10 x64, the latest updates.

Fullscale XT Plus V5.0.hex

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