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Overhangs Curling Up

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delaminated    1

Has anyone had any issues with overhangs curling up? I'm printing with ColorFabb XT filament, any overhangs greater than 30 degrees or so curl up ever so slightly, enough to ruin the overhang quality and make the bed jump and rattle when the nozzle runs over it.

Running the fan at 100% but I'm wondering if it's just not strong enough to cool the filament properly and quickly?

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mvm    12


I haven't printed with XY that much (even though Colorfabb is a company from my country) and I like the material. However, so far, I am NOT using the fan at all. I print it with the fan OFF.

Must say though that I haven't printed much with overhangs. 
Could you post a picture of what kind of overhang you are having trouble with? If I have time, I could try to duplicate the same kind over overhang and see what kind of results I get.


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