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James Armstrong


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Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd share a design fromt his weeks ventures. I'm designing venturies, eductors and siphon nozzles for an operator to pump sand in high volumes with.

I've always been interested in these tools, and have been designing and 3D printing different variants over the last couple of years. 

This was a 15 minute design process, and it should be (fingers crossed!) printed by the time I get home from work today. The current design has a modular design to alter entry and exit dimensions, nozzle size etc. so it can be used for testing a specific operation using air and sand.

If anyone has any intersting information regarding the design of these devices, I would love to hear :)


Kind Regards,

James Armstrong

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Michael    0

Sorry James don't know much about the processes involved in your design to contribute but do like your print.

interested to know how you printed that out.....and what support was required.......seems like quite a bit would have been needed.



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Hi Michael,

The model was printed from the outlet (opposite end to small tube inlet) end up, and also with no support. The small centre nozzle has been modelled so that no support was necessary to print the piece. 

I will have to tale a video of it working. It works quite well. I am revising the design for the final part and will print another. 

This is a part that may end up being sent to a foundry to be cast in metal to be used as a production piece. 



James Armstrong. 

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