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Stable Printhead Carrier

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Rexfreund    2

Hi Guys,
i show you here my new much more stable printhead Carrier with IGUS drylin® linear bearing. (no more Oil over the Printing area)
The bearing are saved by a small washer (but it is not realy needed)
Upgraded at a 8 mm honed carbide axis.

My head design allows you to remove the Printhead complete with the kabel.

And finaly the PTFE hose is fixed in high quality Festo parts.

Greetings, Klaus



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mvm    12

Look VERY good.
Just last weekend, my printer (XT) was giving me problems again with insufficient extruding.

I took out the the nozzles, the heating block and then found the inside full of spilled filament that somehow had gotten pushed out in between the PTFE tube and the nozzle. I sanded the heating block shiny again, cleaned out the nozzles, put everything back in place and it has been printing another 15-20 hours now with no problem. But this makes it obvious that cleaning and maintenance is an important part if you want to keep printing nicely.


Is your printhead the original from the XT Plus? Or did you have it build separately.

And how did you change out the guidance rods? Having them thicker certainly is a good Idea.

Just last week, I was at a 3D Rapid Pro exhibition, and (another) (Dutch) manufacturer showed me their new printer (310x310x310 printbed, with one of two extruders, fully enclosed, heated bed etc. Their printhead was running on DUAL rods, each 12 mm thick. VERY solid build. Made my Mankati suddenly look very puny...

However, this printer is using 1.75mm filament and I am not planning to buy everything again in a different diameter..




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Rexfreund    2

Your problem was one of the arguments to change to E3D-V6 printheads.

My Printhead carrier is based on Mankati but it is a little larger. The IGUS bearing has 16mm diameter outside and on original head carrier the distance to the nut from the head is to small.

The new 8 mm axis have been on both sides honed to 6 mm pins and they are led to a page in the original bearingblock strained and the other as a floating bearing.

Oh yes, there are any better printers as Mankati and the price is not very higher. But as I have bought my printer I did not expect so little to obtain equivalent value.

The appended PDF of my carrier is a 3d pdf, this needs the Adobe Viewer.


Träger Neu.pdf

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